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Prayer & Counselling

At Stillwaters, we believe in the prevailing power of prayer, we acknowledge that it is through prayer that we are where we are.

To send us your prayer points, please fill in the form on the left hand side and we will be in touch with you or email



FREE Church Bus Service

To use this service, please text 07943984845 with your name, address and desired time. Please note that your preferred time cannot be guaranteed.

University of Essex Bus Run
(Sundays Only – Pick up is at the bus stand)

  1. Quays – 8:30am & 10:10am
  2. South Court – 8:40am & 10am
  3. North Towers – 8:45am & 10:05am
  4. Avon Way House – 10am
  5. Forest Road House – 10:05am
  6. Tesco (Greenstead Road Bus stop) – 10:10am